The COVID19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the cracks in our system. The Build Back Better Hackathon is a chance to explore ideas about how we can do things differently. Together we can design and create change that makes the world better for everyone.

What is a mentor?

We are looking for experts in all the areas covered by our themes. We are also looking for people who have crosscutting knowledge, such as diversity & inclusion, product development & management, project management, user experience, policy. Being a mentor involves:
  • helping to shape the challenges
  • sharing your knowledge and insight
  • motivating the teams through the event

  • Please note there will also be a mentor training session on Tuesday, 15th September, 10am - 11am.

If this is of interest to you and you think you’ve got the expertise to help make this Hackathon a success, please fill in the form here and help us #BuildBackBetter!